B&S Lettings is an independent property lettings and management company that offers residential and commercial lettings and management solutions across London. It was established by a group of experienced professionals who felt they could do a better job in the industry by assisting individuals moving into the London area with tailored support and assistance. As a result of this, B&S Lettings has now branched into a wide range of property services. The team consists of dedicated and professional realtors that guide you on all areas of lettings to ensure both landlords and tenants enjoy a smooth letting process.

As professionals who had a vision and a plan, over the years, they have formed healthy relationships with both landlords and tenants. Their aim is to provide a personal and honest relationship which allows you to work alongside a well established lettings and management company.

B&S Lettings delivers outstanding results, by setting timely and measurable targets to working with their clients and ensuring all properties receive their maximum value potential. Furthermore they also offer additional services at no cost such as the most competitive utility providers, local transport information and even history on the area you decide to move to.

B&S Lettings has always focused on providing a tailored service to all landlords and tenants, exercising a personalized approach. They have helped many landlords and tenants, to form a positive company reputation. As educated individuals, we understand that each landlord and tenant is different with their property needs. 

We prioritize our landlords and tenants at all times, 'We Let. You Live.' its that simple. 


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